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Past Projects from SurTek Group Ltd in Fredericton

SurTek Group Ltd’s staff has been involved in various engineering and surveying projects over the years. We have worked for industrial, commercial, and residential clients in Fredericton as well as areas throughout New Brunswick. Below you can check out some of the projects our staff has been involved with in the past:

New Brunswick Department of Transportation

  • Route 2 four-lane highway design (62 km)
  • Route 1 four-lane highway design (15 km)
  • Route 8 highway design (5 km)
  • Route 17 hydraulics design
  • Route 3 interchange hydraulics design

Brunway Construction Ltd.

Route 2 four-lane highway design (24 km); Big Presque Isle River to Route 560

City of Fredericton

  • Water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer renewal projects
  • Culvert replacements and hydraulics

Chippin’s Limited

Brookside Estates subdivision; Heron Drive culvert and retaining wall

Oak Ridge Manufacturing

Brianna Drive development; water, sewer, roadway, and site grading

Prestege Developments

The Meadows at Neil Farm; water, sewer, roadway, and site grading

Land Developers

  • Urban and rural subdivision design
  • Street layout and design
  • Lot layout
  • Legal subdivision plan
  • Site survey
  • Stormwater design

Maxim Construction Ltd.

Fredericton North Elementary School; calculations and layout of foundations

SNC Lavalin Construction Ltd.

Princess Margaret Bridge Rehabilitation; construction layout/alignment of deck panels

Local Home Builders

Calculations and layout for commercial and residential properties

If you’re interested in hiring the team at SurTek Group Ltd, call to schedule a consultation.

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